Saturday, 7 March 2009

Misi Picks

It as a hard task this week, but I picked a theme and stuck to it. There were so many choices. My theme was sheep, but don't be fooled the sellers featured aren't all about sheep and have some fantastic things for you to buy at REALLY Good prices.
Thats the one thing that I think is important at this time and I have gone for quality and Value when selecting my sheepy things this week ENJOY.

Panic Tuesday Handmade cards and Jewellery, I love this card so much

How can you resist when you know some of the cost are going to charity!

Lej Jewellery Joanne does fab Jewellery.

where these sheep ear-rings with pride. If sheep aren't your thing theres plenty of neckalces bracelets, ear-rings in this store.

The Rocking Sheep company Its just so cute which child wouldn't adore this.

This is the loviest thing ever handmade natural wood and lamb fleece.

With Hugs and Kisses Has a print for the Nursery

For the Nursey? I don't think so this would look fab my kitchen LOL. With Hugs and Kisses is a fun children's shop offering clothes, soft toys, toy boxes and much more. Everything is 100% handmade, with so much love and care. Check out the baby shoes.

Bobless creates fantastic cermics and pottery from Girls to Boys, Chic to Goth there a style to suit you!

Bobles also creates little fairy doors, maybe you could combine a door with Hennies tooth fairy.

Has created a lovely little knitted sheep so cute

Hennie not only makes little knitted toys, but sock creatures, Her tooth fairies are fab for those little princesses who lose a tooth.

Heres a lovely print from Saint Kitten

Saint Kitten not only does Fab prints but Jewellery and childrens gifts. Its a lovely cute little Misi store.


lej jewellery said...

thanks for featuring me zoe :-), great blog and i love hennies sheep too

Zoe said...

No problems Hun I love your sheep ear-rings.

SNOW QUEEN said...

Hi Zoe, Thanks very much for blogging my Sheepy stuff and shop :)

Anonymous said...

How cute is that little sheep card? Adorable!

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Fab sheepy choices, Zoe.
Well done!

MISI - Make It Sell It said...

lovely post. I adore the little rocking sheep!

Enchanted said...

Excellent sheep things Zoe...Baaaaaaaa ;o)

Zoe said...

Thanks Hun, wait until I do my feature person. ;) already picked loads of things, to post.