Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Had a bit of a challenge this week. My O.H. (Kev) is in a couple of bands, and one of his band mates (Roy) asked me to make a mini him (and then a mini Kev) as he wants to make an animated music video. I've not really done charicatures of people before, plus these little fellas have to be able to stand up, sit down and move to music. All of the limbs are wired and jointed, right down to their fingers. Can't wait to see the vid. Just hope that Roy knows I don't do pretty!
I Think Kev's realised that now. He looks a bit too much like Jon Pertwee for my liking (that's his own fault for having stupid hair - he asked for white, even though his is blond???!!! So here they are, hot off the sewing machine (please excuse mess!!)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

And The Winner Is....

Sorry about the delay in letting you know the giveaway winner but Zoe's computer died and I've only just got back into things following a wild weekend (well, as wild as it gets at my age - although there was a potential riot caused by a mad ferret keeper..... I'll let you use your imaginations....)
The winner of Zoe's Hot Pink 3 ply is..... TCN
The winner of Stella's red textured yarn is.... Alex

Thanks to all who left comments and put themselves in for the draw. As always we have made some extra and listed it at a special blog price on Groovycart. You can find it here:

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Misi Mid week Picks

I have too many to show this week Heres a few.

I know it summer when I look at Bracelets and beads. Love this by sprinklessparkles

This is Joys bedtime Bunny. Joy was one of last months Yarn winners and created this bunny from our handspun. LOVE IT Perfectlittlefriends

Summer Drops Earrings : £2.00 you even get a matching bracelet, I brought some and I am really pleased. Snowflake.unique

Amigurumi teddy brooche with bag so cute. by elosito

I thought I would blog mid-week from now on so Misi picks from me will be on a WEDNESDAY.

I found some fab things and brought some fab things this week on Misi.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Feeling Groovy

I just wanted to let you all know about Groovycart, if you sell your things online.
As you know we offer our Blog yarn (The extra) at a special price through Groovycart. This just covers our materials. This is because you can open a shop for free and pay no listing fees. So we can actually reduce it for you. There is no expire date for listings either it, a fab little hosting site.

Groovycart lets you have 30 items (90 if you list clever) and you can have a maximum price of £50. No commision for selling, only on your paypal fees.

Of course you can upgrade for a charge to a silver or gold account which you pay for and then you have a greater flexibilty over pricing and quanities, But as a crafter I have never made enough things.

Sales, yes I have had a few on there. Groovycart was the first place I ever sold. Its not MISI or ESTY or FOKSY. But its somewhere extra to display things.

Our blog specials are now listed in our Groovycart shop here
we list them here for a limited period only. At the blog price.

If you want to look into Groovycart some more look here

Bit of a boring post SORRY.

Winners of Giveaway will be announced on SATURDAY.
Good luck

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Come On You Reds! (aka Stella's Wool)

Well, here it is, better late than never! Red was a real challenge for me as it's usually a colour I blend with others, but I've had fun with it and discovered just how beautiful red can be (new convert to red!). Wish the pics were more accurate with the colours, but that's digital cameras for you! I've been mad busy for the past couple of weeks, so I decided to hand paint roving to create my red wool. I chose to use some South American lustre tops, really soft with a bit of a glow to them. I painted my roving with 3 shades of red, getting ever deeper. I love the heathering effect you get with painted roving, so, the wool isn't technically "red", but is what I call Ashes of Roses - the colours move from the palest of pink to a smokey red/grey/purple colour.
When it came to spinning I decided to add some texture to reflect the textured colours, so I spun a thick and thin single, and the plied it back with a fine spun single. The pic below shows the thick and thin single on the bobbin.

The wool is a beautiful soft chunky yarn which would look great knitted up.I loved doing it so much that I'm going to paint some batts in a different colourway to see what the effect would be.
All that's left is to pick the winner!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Here it is

Hot Pink! Well its Hot and Pink. I still have no drive band for my carder so this changed my plans a little. I dyed some Lustre wool, soft beautiful, the wool I used I think is the nicest I have spun with ever!

Ok, so I dyed the wool first, a dark pink, then added some more wool half way through and then 3/4 way through to get the variety of shades.
heres the shades all spun seperatly.

I wanted a nice chunky yarn this time. I had a vision of a finsihed scarf in this.

I plied the 3 strands together. I love it so much its so soft and nice. Its going to get a wash to set the twist but its a definate chunky. I really want to keep it.

Stella will be popping hers on tomorrow and I will edit.

Please do let us know which you would prefer if you are picked (its another comment, another entry) and we will hopefully be able to match the winners.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Misi Picks and a little something.

I haven't done Misi picks for ages so thought I better do one.

I have a few people I would like to mention.....

Look at this cat, how cute. She can be found here at merry go bears.

This has been on my wish list for ages from Jolicious

I really do love this style of charms from Jelly belly jewellery

This is from Jane I love Her things take a look in her little store. her items are so well made.

Well I tried to get ahead with the blog challenge and dyed blue batts....HA HA shame on me, I was so hoping for Blue....I got HOT PINK.

So there I was carding and my Drumcarder drive band snapped. JUDGMENT. But the hot pink is now dyed and the Batts are for sale....

Saturday, 6 June 2009


I have been off work this week, its been a bad asthma week for me. The pollen and such must be very high. Not sure when I will get back. Been in bed all day again. Lovely.

But we have the colours Stella pulled out RED Zoe got HOT PINK.
I am not sure if we are dreading this or really excited. Neither of us do these colours normally, we are very traditional at times. lol. But those of the colours so off we go!

Now I have 2 ideas already, not sure if they will work but I am going for it anyway.

Though I would show you some Mohair washing too.

It doesn't look too bad BUT......

Oh look how dirty it is. This is the first wash, I popped it in a net bag and put it in a bucket of extremely hot soapy water. The dirt flew off, you can't even see the mohair. I then Rinsed twice and repeated. I kept doing this until the water was completely clear. It will get washed again. Its very labour intensive this washing fibre.

Here it is drying in the sunshine. I think I am going to blend it in for this challenge.
I will now sort out any bits that aren't suitable for spinning


Just like to introduce you to Trixie, who has just been finished. She is a wall pocket troll.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Tapestry Loom Anyone?

I have decided to sell my Schacht 18" Tapestry Loom. I have used it once and then stored it as quilting and spinning take up too much of my time. It's in pristeen condition, if anyone is interested, it comes with an A frame stand. I'm looking to get £75.00 + £8.50 p&P (in GB) for it. Let me know if you fancy it.
It also has 5 bobbins.

Monday, 1 June 2009

June Yarn Giveaway: Its up to you.

A big thank you to everyone who has taken part in the last 2 giveaways. Last month was hard, due to my internet and Stellas GAS LEAK. We are back on track and whilst the weather is fine and we can wash fibre we thought we would crack on.

Ok, so this month we thought we would do a single colour....Its up to me and Stella to come up with something beautiful from the suggestions you give us.

Both of us will pick a colour from the hat, so it may be the same colour it may be different.

Now Me and Stella have very different taste, so I am sure that you will pick our fav colours but it is if we pick it out the HAT!!!! LOL SO we may be working with something that we wouldn't normally use.

Please also tell us in your comments if you want plain wool a mix, maybe a bit of llama, silk or mohair.

We are really hoping to get some pics up at the weekend of our fleece washing and details of our COLOUR.

AS before each comment will gain an enter, the more comments you make the more entries.

Ok JUNE GIVEAWAY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!