Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas past

Well, thats it for another year and another year I still hadn't finished making gifts! Thats it this year I have decided to start early so I am. In fact I am writing a list of people I need to give gifts too TODAY. Then I will make them and tick the names off. You know there is nothing that takes enjoyment out of creating than when your under pressure. So who got handcrafted gifts this year, NO ONE! HAHAHA Thats how much I made this year. Well actually I did make things.

I had no excuse really with the new sites popping up. and of course I won the comp on there and expecting a little scruff handmade bear You gotta check out this ladies work the bears are lovely. You can find her on misi.

Stella did well at making things for presents. I loved my needle case, Kids loved their gifts. I better get off then just wanted to start posting again. Off I go to make a xmas present I only have 12 months left.


Sunday, 28 December 2008


Can't believe its been so long since i blogged, i will update later!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Friday, 3 October 2008

Monday, 15 September 2008

Mary jane slightly felted slippers

My Daughter modelling slightly felted slippers, a couple of washes in a quick 40 min wash.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Lace weight scarf

Lace weight scarf
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Oh making this scarf was a nightmare. You really need to use bamboo needles with Rowan kidsilk haze, but the result is well worth the effort

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Tonight I thought I would do some dyeing. I thought I would be really clever and tidy! WHY? I mix my dye no probs I dyed my wool and guess what I looked down my top is covered. My neck has black spots, How???? You guessed it also my hands are now a nice shade of Black! LOL. I guess the moral of the story is wear an apron. Although that wouldn't have stopped the black spots on my neck. Also wear gloves. I nipped to the shop (a bit to late) and brought some tonight. I have done everything to get the dye off and its not shifting. You can bet it will wash out the wool though.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Beautiful day

Its been a lovely day today. I completely dried out my fur trim bag.

Please feel free to leave a comment as I feel like I am talking to myself.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

madder is madder

Well I dyed my wool. Can't get onto the internet on my computer so no nice pics like Zoe, I'm afraid. It's just as well as its come out a rust red rather than a true red, my fault for not putting enough dye stuff in. Ah well. Just finished my hairy bags. One is drying and the other is felting at the moment. It's the best time - waiting for the washer to finish so that you can see what is waiting inside!
I'm going to start another bag tonight. My dog is very poorly so it stops me from mithering him (for those of you not from the North of `england, that means bothering him in a really annoying way). If the weather gets nicer next week I'm going to get the Big Boy down (maybe I should call him Hank) he's a Canadian Cowichen wool spinner and he's got the biggest bobbins `i've ever seen. Just a bugger to treadle. But since my weight training with Rosie It will probably be a breeze. Photo's of all the excitement and the bags to follow, if I can get my wireless connection to work!

Friday, 30 May 2008

The finished wool

So I spoke to Stella who told me I had to ply the wool! I am glad I did its lovely.

So heres some pic.

It started life as a Romney Fleece

It was spun on Ashley

It finished as A lovely hank of Hand spun wool

Spinners Block

Hooray, I have 2 bobbins full of wool....But now I have to ply them together. I have a case of spinners block. Not to mention, the fact that the postman has been with a parcel of goodies. Oh what's a girl to do. I am going to take some pics of the lovely wool before and after I love seeing the difference between the fleece and the finish product. Hopefully pics will be on here tonight. I am going to have to play with my goodies though. Its like christmas. Well the weather does'nt help.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

only 50 grams to go!

well, I'm nearly up to my 500 gram target. Put my madder in to soak so I'll have to get going. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be ready to pre mordant the wool with alum ready for the excitement of madder world. I can't wait to get started!


Not managed to get to look at the song, but I will try later. I sacked off the high speed flyer and got my trusty Frank back downstairs. There he is! He only snores when I'm plying, so it's not too bad - especially if you have the TV on ! Managed to get 250 grams wool spun and plied, ready for my madder arriving. It came earlier on (bet the parcel man hates me, he has to come around every day at the moment). I was very excited, until I realised you have to leave the stuff for at least 24hours before you can use it. Hmmm... those nettles are looking tempting again. Got my Herdwick so I might have a break from Romney and get some of that spun up - a real luxury as I've bought it as roving so no carding or washing (I love washing fleece - hopefully Zoe will get over her phobia eventually). I can't wait to get down to some knitting and felting. three bags so far - lovely but time consuming. OK, off to try and wake my recalcitrant other half up as the dogs are crossing their legs. Wonder If I'm the only person that has to spin with a Jack Russell sat on their lap? it's weight training with a difference I suppose!

Just in case anyone is wondering, Frank is my Frank Herring wheel from sunny Dorset. He's small and quiet and very reliable. Wonder why I have never met a man like him.....??!!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

raining here too

Following Zoe's call I decided to try some high speed spinning on Singey - also an Ashford Traditional ( called Singey 'cause I left it too close to the heater a few years ago...oops...). So I stuck Frank (my Herring wheel ) upstairs and got old Singey down with the high spped flyer attached. SO NOISY!!!!! Is speesd worth the noise is what I'm asking myself. Hmmmm...... have to have a think.

I have decided to show you all Ashley my spinnng wheel. She is a ashford traditional. Spins like a dream. I am off to spin some shetland fleece to make a felted bag.

New Blog

Ok, so its raining and I am bored so I thought I know I will start a blog....Well now I guess I must write some thing. Next I have to make something to show you all....