Thursday, 29 May 2008


Not managed to get to look at the song, but I will try later. I sacked off the high speed flyer and got my trusty Frank back downstairs. There he is! He only snores when I'm plying, so it's not too bad - especially if you have the TV on ! Managed to get 250 grams wool spun and plied, ready for my madder arriving. It came earlier on (bet the parcel man hates me, he has to come around every day at the moment). I was very excited, until I realised you have to leave the stuff for at least 24hours before you can use it. Hmmm... those nettles are looking tempting again. Got my Herdwick so I might have a break from Romney and get some of that spun up - a real luxury as I've bought it as roving so no carding or washing (I love washing fleece - hopefully Zoe will get over her phobia eventually). I can't wait to get down to some knitting and felting. three bags so far - lovely but time consuming. OK, off to try and wake my recalcitrant other half up as the dogs are crossing their legs. Wonder If I'm the only person that has to spin with a Jack Russell sat on their lap? it's weight training with a difference I suppose!

Just in case anyone is wondering, Frank is my Frank Herring wheel from sunny Dorset. He's small and quiet and very reliable. Wonder why I have never met a man like him.....??!!

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