Sunday, 8 June 2008

Beautiful day

Its been a lovely day today. I completely dried out my fur trim bag.

Please feel free to leave a comment as I feel like I am talking to myself.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

madder is madder

Well I dyed my wool. Can't get onto the internet on my computer so no nice pics like Zoe, I'm afraid. It's just as well as its come out a rust red rather than a true red, my fault for not putting enough dye stuff in. Ah well. Just finished my hairy bags. One is drying and the other is felting at the moment. It's the best time - waiting for the washer to finish so that you can see what is waiting inside!
I'm going to start another bag tonight. My dog is very poorly so it stops me from mithering him (for those of you not from the North of `england, that means bothering him in a really annoying way). If the weather gets nicer next week I'm going to get the Big Boy down (maybe I should call him Hank) he's a Canadian Cowichen wool spinner and he's got the biggest bobbins `i've ever seen. Just a bugger to treadle. But since my weight training with Rosie It will probably be a breeze. Photo's of all the excitement and the bags to follow, if I can get my wireless connection to work!