Wednesday, 23 February 2011

March craft-a-long

So the first craft-a-long at Misi....The theme is spring and you have to include flowers. Thought it may inspire me to actually make something. I have a few ideas buzzing around in my head. Scarf, headband, bag. Not sure. I have to now repair the spinning wheel and prepare some fleece. Its quite exciting to see the number of people that have signed up. It open to anyone you don't need to have a shop, just be a crafty person.

If you want to join in visit misi forum and pop your name down. I think I am more excited at the thought of what others will make

Zoe x

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Feeling Sheepish.

Its been really windy here, I have a new bush. Its a carrier bag bush.
The bad weather always makes me want to stay inside and knit. I was looking around at knitted things last night, as I couldn't sleep. Some fab things online.

I have purchased this

From Thepinkfairycake She had made a blue one, sold within hours so I ask her to do me a brown one. Love it. It arrived this morning. Wow that lady has fast finger. As a knitter myself. It's the only knitted thing I have ever bought. She is good.

I was looking for a Valentine card for the fella, and found this. I love it its so original. Want it for me though. I do hope Men look on the handmade websites to find our gifts. Crochetflowersgarden

I love knitted bags, this is just cute. Especially as summer is coming. Its a fab price from MyBlueBeezy I am really looking forward to seeing more things in Jeanie's shop.

So many lovely knitters out and about I am liking hats with pom poms. This from the clickingpins Is sweet.