Saturday, 5 February 2011

Feeling Sheepish.

Its been really windy here, I have a new bush. Its a carrier bag bush.
The bad weather always makes me want to stay inside and knit. I was looking around at knitted things last night, as I couldn't sleep. Some fab things online.

I have purchased this

From Thepinkfairycake She had made a blue one, sold within hours so I ask her to do me a brown one. Love it. It arrived this morning. Wow that lady has fast finger. As a knitter myself. It's the only knitted thing I have ever bought. She is good.

I was looking for a Valentine card for the fella, and found this. I love it its so original. Want it for me though. I do hope Men look on the handmade websites to find our gifts. Crochetflowersgarden

I love knitted bags, this is just cute. Especially as summer is coming. Its a fab price from MyBlueBeezy I am really looking forward to seeing more things in Jeanie's shop.

So many lovely knitters out and about I am liking hats with pom poms. This from the clickingpins Is sweet.


tazbride said...

Love the cards and the scarf, very original x

Zoe said...

The scarf is brill, Karine is do clever. Hope your well. x

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Lovely choices xx

Thepinkfairycake said...

I am sooo glad you like your scarf !! Thanks you for the lovely comments :)

AisforRandom said...

I couldn't see any of the pictures, sad day.