Saturday, 30 May 2009

And the winners are

Once again we are so sorry you can't all win...

Picking the winners.

And of Stellas yarn...Joy Congrats

And of Zoes Yarn....wordlily. Congrats.

Winners please make sure you contact us with your details.

BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE Going to start next challenge in the coming week. So please do enter we really feel bad when people don't win. You all contribute so much!

Anyway as before the yarns are availble limited and SPECIAL PRICE £5 to cover materials. Please contact us if you have any difficulties purchasing from the site. x

Zoe Shetland and soya.

Zoe Blackwelsh and llama

Zoes natural

Stellas Black welsh and soya

stellas Shetland

Stellas Shetland silk and alpaca

The entries are

Ok list of entries ready for the winners to be drawn just writing names as we speak. My kids are pulling both names out the hat the First 1 out wins Stella's and the 2nd one out wins mine..... entries and number of chances are as follows. Fab response again.

If you have no number next to you name its 1 comment= 1 entry.

The sick chick
Knitwits 4
Tollykit 2
wordlily 2
Sharnemainia knits 2
Tracy O
Madam Salami 6
Monet 2
B.B. Bellezza
Joy 2
KnitCave 4
Kitten With a Whiplash 3
One Sheep 3
Deneen 3
Hats and More
Helen @ The Beading Lady 2
ikkinlala 3
jennyflower 2

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Felters custom Order

My Brief was pinks, blues and greens. 100g batts of each. Not too blended. So heres the result. Its for felt fusion who does some fab felting, on both esty and MISI have a look on flickr at her great photos.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Heres mine

So I have had a bad few weeks. I had no laptop so missed you all, no camera it was lost, but been busy. I apologise so much for the delay.

My first wool is a 3ply which means its 3 strands of wool plied
together, its come out as a thick dk/aran. Its a blend of natural brown/white shetland and SOYA a fantastic choclate carmel delight of yarn.

Here it is as a batt

On the bobbin

And spun

Remember the Monet, here the fleece undyed in its natural cream glory.

And finally my textured wool which is a blend of black welsh and super soft llama


Upcoming challenges.

July single colour.
August art yarn
september kitchen cupboard.
October autumn
November your choice.
December christmas challenge.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

BLOG GIVEAWAY - We didn't forget!!!!

Sorry for the delay in the next stage of the giveaway. We have both been hit with hayfever, work and, in my case workmen (there's nothing worse than sitting outside for 6 hours in the cold waiting to hear the sound of van doors closing!)
Anyway.... because of the delays and because we love them all, we decided that we would each do 3 combinations of natural colours. I think that the weight pulled from the hat was aran (please Zoe, tell me that is right!) anyway, mine are all aran weight.
From the top (one day I will figure out how to get these photos to go where I want them to)
The first is a 3 ply yarn - I've been really getting into 3 ply for a while now so I thought I would add one to this challenge. It's 1 ply oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester, 1 ply natural brown Blue Faced Leicester and 1 ply cream Cheviot. I think it will look brill knitted up!

Second from the top is the one I have nicknamed city lights. It's a 2 ply - 1 ply of Black Welsh and soya blend and 1 ply of natural black Shetland, so the soya twinkles out at random intervals!
Lastly is my ecru/ cream mix. It's a 2 ply yarn, a mix of Shetland, English Alpaca (from Daisy - thank you Daisy!) and Tussah Silk Noil for a bit of sheen and texture. it's come out lovely and soft.
Hope you have all forgiven us. We didn't forget you!
Right then, back to fleece washing. Had a delivery yesterday and I'm making hay while the sun shines!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

upcycled/recycled skirt

I am not one for sewing, but I really wanted a skirt like this so the machine came out. I brought a denimn skirt and a skirt that was 6 sizes too big for me. But I loved the material. I got them from the RED CROSS. Altered them both and came up with this. I love it.

Friday, 8 May 2009

MISI Magic making hands.

I am a week late sorry.
But my seller of the month is MAGIC MAKING HANDS

I love the colours this lady uses in her items they are just fab. with a fab price range you can't go wrong. I envy people who make things from paper. I just can't do it. So Enjoy...

Beautiful felted brooch

What a great idea to store your baby pic in Book of me

Felted flower ponytailbands

Fab little album great for any little girlie keepsakes. Find it here

Please pop in and see the other fab items in this wonderful ladies store. You could browse round MISI as well such a fab place to buy and sell.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sorry to interrupt....

Sorry to interrupt the giveaway thread but I had to post this pic of Madam Salami's Troll Baby brooch, as I am too thick to insert a pic into my misi mail. Just think of some tinny mood music til the next post of wool comes along....

Want your own Troll baby? You can get one here

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I may use this BLOG GIVEAWAY

Thought I would wet your tastebuds with a little peek at some fleeces. I am not saying these will be in MY YARN but they could be.

Any you fancy? Its only a sample of the Breeds that may be used. All washed and ready for carding.


Shetland Moorit, shetland is super soft the fleece lends itself to fine spinning, which is why you get alot of sheltland shawls. This is the softest fleece of the british breeds. I love shetland for baby items.

Washed Romney Fleece, a beautiful soft fleece ideal for the beginner in washing and carding wool. It is lovely and soft. When felted it gives a textured finish.

Washed Black welsh fleece. A natural black colour, with reddish tips. from this tiny breed of sheep. An ancient breed of sheep which was around in wales in the middle ages.

Carded llama from Tollykit on misi. Super soft and flyaway, I will definately blend this to make a supersoft yarm

Saturday, 2 May 2009

MAY GIVAEAWAY, its up to you!!!!!

Well, I think its time for a new giveaway. Do you agree?
As before, we will give you a brief, So last time it was the breed of sheep, you picked the colours. This time we are changing it a little bit. We are using NATURAL colours. So you can decide if you want plain chocolates a mix of browns and creams, cream on its own, ITS UP TO YOU. Also keeping in with the natural colours. Would you like a blend of something special? Maybe some soya, tencel, camel, llama or alpacha? You could go wild and have milk protein or recycled bottle tops. We will let you know the breed next week. Then see the difference again in what we produce.

What type of wool would you like? Something arty, thick and thin, even, chunky?


For your first chance to enter......PLEASE COMMENT.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Troll Baby

First, I have to say what a beautiful brooch - love it, Zoe! Just putting up a photo of my first born troll baby. Not the best photo, but I know zoe will want to see. He has no name, and I'm not sure whether to turn him into a keyring?


Well I got a lovely surprise in the post from Jenny who won my monet waterlillies yarn. This lovely brooch I can't thank her enough and had to show you all. Its beautiful Jenny still has plans with the rest of the wool. To see it please visit her blog.

I think its time for another challenge!