Friday, 8 May 2009

MISI Magic making hands.

I am a week late sorry.
But my seller of the month is MAGIC MAKING HANDS

I love the colours this lady uses in her items they are just fab. with a fab price range you can't go wrong. I envy people who make things from paper. I just can't do it. So Enjoy...

Beautiful felted brooch

What a great idea to store your baby pic in Book of me

Felted flower ponytailbands

Fab little album great for any little girlie keepsakes. Find it here

Please pop in and see the other fab items in this wonderful ladies store. You could browse round MISI as well such a fab place to buy and sell.


lej jewellery said...

great post zoe, lovely items

knitwits said...

great items Zoe x

Magic Making Hands said...

ooohhh - that's me, that is :-)

TicketyBoo Jewellery said...

I have awarded your lovely blog the "honest scrap award" to view this award and keep it going please visit my blog