Saturday, 28 March 2009

Dyed and ready for part 2 GIVEAWAY

I washed my fleece last week but stella posted instructions so thought I wouldn't bore you with the details again!

I decided to Kettle dye my fleece, which means basically you dye your fibre in a pan. I used 2 methods. The first is pretty simple. I wanted an even overall colour so I mixed my dye and placed it in the pan of water. Being careful to watch over it, Let it boil on the hob gently for 20mins and done!

The next method I used (in the pic) was to try and get a nice shaded green. I wanted the leafs and dark blue for the shading of the water and foilage. so In my pan I place my fleece added some blue dye and then gentley sprinkled yellow over the top.
This gives a very uneven dye. which is perfect as its all the same colour but with different shades.

And heres the result after 4 hours in the kitchen, I have a selection of greens, blues, pinks and lilac. These are still wet so excuse the towel! The colours are all will be blended together in the next stage. This is the exciting part as this will completly change the colours of the wool!


And bringing up the rear, here's mine. Sorry about photo, but wool is wet and it's really cold outside!


Thursday, 26 March 2009

And the colour is..........

Me and Stella were overwhelmed with the response for the colours. I really like the greens and blues. Stella was loving all the vibrant combinations. We were really stuck for choice.

I came home tonight and wrote all the colours suggestions down. Then my 8 year old picked one out the bowl.....

And it was none of the colour choices we had discussed LOL. It was Monets Waterlillies. I love and know the painting but really had no idea what colours were involved. So Stella and I have looked on the net at the pics. AND for the colours are

So we have 4 colours and a painting to use as inspiration. How fab is this! Great thing is it seems to have everyones colour suggestions nearly.

My fleece is clean and ready to go, so the weekend will see the start of the challenge. Let the BATTLE COMMENCE.

A huge thank you to Daneen for your suggestion. PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMMENT FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THE FINISHED YARN!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

It's Up To You!

Yes, Zoe knows my personal demon colors only too well. Thanks for all of the ideas - I've got a few personal favourites in there so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they keep on coming up. Just posting some pics of the wool as it was washed (please note Lurcher is v. stupid he thinks I have a new friend.... either that or he wants to be a wolf in sheeps clothing... Sorry.... Okay my computer stupidity has got the better of me, so I'll explain where the pictures should be and what they are. Jim is sitting on the fleece before it's been sorted for washing.
Above jim is the sorted, unwashed fleece. Lots of grass and dirt. It's best to wash it little by little, so it's then sorted into 500g pieces and washed (top left). This is done with Orvus paste, a baby bath, V. hot water and a lot of patience! You have to soak the wool. agitating it in any way just makes it felt. The first soak takes out most of the surface dirt. Then it's repeat and repeat until the wool is clean. Then a couple of rinses later, you're ready for the next step. The wool is spun out in an old twin tub I keep outside and finally spread out in a hammock to dry in the sun (ever hopeful of a British summer, but we've had a few nice days up here recently so I grabbed my chance! Then the work begins!!!


Saturday, 21 March 2009

It's up to YOU! GIVE AWAY

Between me and Stella, we have about 18 years experience of spinning. We have spun everything from the BANANA FIBRE to wool Possum to cotton. We thought it would be great to have a challenge. This is where you can help we will both spin the same wool Blue faced Leicester cross HOG which means its a lamb, the first shearing. SOFT BEAUTIFUL and SUPER to knit with. We are going to dye it the same colour, then spin it up. This will be posted each week over 4 weeks or so. You can follow our progress from start to finish. Now the exciting part. Me and Stella live miles from each other so only speak on the phone. So we thought it would be great to see what we come up with, will it be the same or different? EVERY PERSON WHO COMMENTS will be entered to win the YARN SPUN. SO 2 people will receive 100g of the yarn. The more you comment eg each week the more chances to win.

YOUR FIRST CHANCE TO BE ENTERED. What colours should we use? PICK 2 or 3 COLOURS which you think we should use. Its your choice.

Shelf Pixie Name Update

Just wanted to say thanks for all of the name suggestions for the little pixie. She's gone to a new home now, so I've left it up to her new owner to choose... However, a new one is on it's way. I'm tempted by Rosie,as that's the name of my JRT and she has massive ears too...

Friday, 20 March 2009

My MISI featured seller

Heres my first MISI FEATURED SELLER. Enchanted Jewellery Nicky is such a lovely lady. I have a few of her bracelets on my wish list. Can you guess which is my fav?
I really hope you enjoy looking at these, maybe I can help you find that special gift.
Thank you Nicky your things make me smile....I love the style and everything about the designs.

The jewellery you will discover at Enchanted is created by Nicola Townsend SRAJD a self-taught jewellery designer from Leicestershire, UK.

lemon and lime twist
Heres a selection of Nickys bracelets, don't worry she has lots more in her store

Lovely Violas

I hope you have enjoyed looking, I love everyone of them!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

shelf pixie 001

shelf pixie 001, originally uploaded by slaluki.

This is a little shelf pixie. She hasn't got a name at the moment, so suggeations will be gratefully received!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

fabric knitted mat

fabric knitted mat
Originally uploaded by beaniebanks
OK this was strange. but fun. I didn't have enough of the fabric. I realised that pretty quick so adapted the pattern so I could complete a smaller version. It was for a knit-a-long on Raverly

Friday, 13 March 2009

Thick and thin or SOCKS

Not done much so thought I would do a little experiment, ARE you a thick and thin, or more a sock?

Available on MISI

Or maybe this is your bag

Lovely thick and thin wool, soft and lovely, available on MISI

Love to hear what you are?

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Expected delivery

I meet a fantastic lady Lisa/ Poppyflowerfibres through Twitter she dyes and spins yarn (like me) she had some lovely fibre in great colourways. Now I am one for doing it myself, but I just could'nt resist these. LOOK AT THE Pretty Colours. So this is now coming all the way from the USA to live with me. (PHOTOS ARE LISAs') Lisa is on ESTY !

Heres the other one

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Late addition from MISI

Oh just seen these newly list
Can be found here at Tinkwych Treasures, loads of lovely bits in there for the knitter. BUT Leave the PIGS alone I want them.

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Originally uploaded by slaluki
OH My look what Stella has made now, I love this little guy. Going to give her a ring to butter her is my birthday in about 9 months lol.

All I know about this guy is he is a troll.....You can ask Stella more by posting a comment she does read the blog, just very SHY.


BANANA fibre is now listed on MISI It was hard to decide if it should stay or go!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Misi Picks

It as a hard task this week, but I picked a theme and stuck to it. There were so many choices. My theme was sheep, but don't be fooled the sellers featured aren't all about sheep and have some fantastic things for you to buy at REALLY Good prices.
Thats the one thing that I think is important at this time and I have gone for quality and Value when selecting my sheepy things this week ENJOY.

Panic Tuesday Handmade cards and Jewellery, I love this card so much

How can you resist when you know some of the cost are going to charity!

Lej Jewellery Joanne does fab Jewellery.

where these sheep ear-rings with pride. If sheep aren't your thing theres plenty of neckalces bracelets, ear-rings in this store.

The Rocking Sheep company Its just so cute which child wouldn't adore this.

This is the loviest thing ever handmade natural wood and lamb fleece.

With Hugs and Kisses Has a print for the Nursery

For the Nursey? I don't think so this would look fab my kitchen LOL. With Hugs and Kisses is a fun children's shop offering clothes, soft toys, toy boxes and much more. Everything is 100% handmade, with so much love and care. Check out the baby shoes.

Bobless creates fantastic cermics and pottery from Girls to Boys, Chic to Goth there a style to suit you!

Bobles also creates little fairy doors, maybe you could combine a door with Hennies tooth fairy.

Has created a lovely little knitted sheep so cute

Hennie not only makes little knitted toys, but sock creatures, Her tooth fairies are fab for those little princesses who lose a tooth.

Heres a lovely print from Saint Kitten

Saint Kitten not only does Fab prints but Jewellery and childrens gifts. Its a lovely cute little Misi store.