Sunday, 26 April 2009

Quiltz clearout too

Don't want to seem like a sale blog, but just thought I would let people know that Quiltz ( ) having a bit of a clearout too. Here's a few of the things that have to go:
Moon Fairy Applique Laptop/messenger Bag £20.00
Dog Star Quilt £60.00

Batik Pinwheels crib quilt £40.00

Dick and Jane Crib quilt £40.00


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Its gotta go!!!!!

Having a summer sale to make room for lots of new things.
Grab them now while you can

Red scroll bag £12.50 SOLD

Fleted slippers £12.00

Wensleydale purse £.8.50

Merino and possum £4.00 NOW SOLD.
Handspun thick and thin £8.50

Handspun thick and thin 100g left

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Roland - is he a monster?

This is Roland, not quite finished yet - got interrupted by wool! Can anyone tell me why a 20 year old soldier is scared of him? I think he's quite sweet for a troll! Plus, just finished this flower bag. I'm getting into 3 ply wool at the moment and wanted to try it knitted and felted.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

spinners felter embroiders delight

Well Knitz and Bitz is branching out. We put this on Misi and its already seems popular, so I thought I better blog it for you all to see.

Great for spinning felting and embroidery. Check out the Dyed wensleydale. Hoping to have more colours soon, and if its popular maybe more fibres. Once again its been handwashed and dyed.

Dog Update

Hi, thanks for all of the comments. It's a relief to get the spinning wheel looking lovely, even though it will probably end up back in it's box again. (I have six wheels and am going to have to downsize this year I think)
Sandy (the dog)is now getting lots of attention and loving it! I have to take full responsibility for her operation. It was when the vet phoned me and asked "Do you do a lot of sewing?" that I realised I was the guilty party. She had somehow managed to lie on top of an embroidery needle and get it stuck in her chest. eek! I think the trolls and pixies are having revenge for being ignored.....
As for the wheel's name - Zoe your naming karma has left you for now! She's Eastern European, so I reckon Sasha would probaly fit best, what do you reckon?

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spinning Wheel Rescued

Right, it's all done now. I've even had it up and spinning with some Wensleydale (loving washing those curls!) Sorry about scuzzy garden, it's ripe for a spring clean. I've taken a picture of the wheel with it's distaff, but dressing the flax was beyond the call of duty!

I'm off to wait for call from the vets, one of my dogs seems to have a stick lodged in her chest and they've taken her in for surgery so I'm all fingers and thumbs.

Anyway Zoe, it's over to you for the naming ceremony!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Misi picks

I am really struggling now as there are fab items on MISI. More and more new sellers each day. So I have chosen something which we all love a treat for US!

Look at this little lot for all your chocolate beauty needs. I love it. Its on my wish list. Foot balm, lip balm, bubble bath and MORE in this little lot. Its really at a fab price too. A great present! Take a look ionacosmetic

Beautiful artwork from Eastofthesunart. I am am a huge fan of her work. I am hoping to get a few prints in the summer when I do my bedroom. This is one of my favs but she has MORE.

This is just fab from Quiltz. Lovely little sewing kit. What a fab present for someone who sews. If not you maybe mum! I would love to get it.

I am a really fan of alternative dressing and what better than clothes you can't get in the high street. I love this ladies shop. Alisa has some lovely things for spring/summer.

I am really struggling now as there are fab items on MISI. More and more new sellers each day. So I have chosen something which we all love a treat for US!

So treat yourself this MONTH with my top Treats. Hope you love my selection and with all our hardwork why not treat ourselves.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Jennyflower Has Got her yarn

Jenny, the winner of Zoes yarn, has received her yarn to have a look at her blog and plans please visit her blog.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Spinning Wheel Rescue (or, that job I've been putting off for two years)

Thanks for all of the entries for our wool comp. While we regain our composure and gird our loins for the next challenge, I thought that I would share with you a job that I've been putting off for far too long.

About five years ago I bought an old Lithuanian spinning wheel. It's from the mid 1900's and, like me, looked a bit rough. Once I'd dosed the wood for nasties, I decided that it needed a bit of TLC and decided to wax it. The wax I bought was coloured (bad idea!!) - the colour being Georgian Oak - "fantastic" I thought, "it will really make this wood look lovely". No, it made the wood have a hideous greenish tinge, which isn't that apparent in the photo's, but is there, trust me! Anyway, back the wheel went into its box and has stayed there ever since, just waiting for me to strip that awful wax off and give it a loving coat of oil instead. Ha! finally got round to getting all of the neccessaries and making a start (must be the warm spell).

So now I have stripped away the green and I'm waiting for the wood to dry so I can get in there with my wire wool and wood oils.

The wheel is in its natural state in the photo. It all comes apart without any screws or bolts. It was carried from farm to farm by women when the sheep were shorn. I have a strong suspicion that it was also a flax wheel as the diameter of the wheel is small (plus the distaff gives it away a bit)

Now, Zoe hasn't seen this wheel and , as she has a penchant for giving everything a name I want to keep it in pieces till the last minute so she can't sneak in and name it!

Hopefully by the end of the week it will be up and running again, it's a lovely wheel, a real workhorse. So any spinning wheel questions, just let us know.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

And the winner is..............

Big thanks to everyone

The winner of Stella Yarn is MADAM SALAMI.
The winner of Zoe Yarn is JENNYFLOWER

(my little one didn't want his pic taken as he pulled the name out Jennyflower)

Thank you everyone. (winners can you please coontact us with your details)

We have some wool left and would like to offer it for £5.00 just to cover cost of materials. For our blog readers.

Zoe's can be found Here

Stella's can be found Here


Its first come first serve, and I am sure you'll appreciate it in no way reflects the time. BARGIN BARGIN BARGIN. It is just a HUGE THANK YOU

Oh yes and one more thing you up for another challenge?????????????????????????

Friday, 10 April 2009

Giveaway the enteries

Just been writing all the enteries down for the giveaway, boy do I have hand ache.

I am so shocked, happy, blessed, overwhelmed. The response has been fantastic and I just wish I could give each and every one of you a hank of wool. BUT because of the response me and Stella are going to do another challenge. (if you want one?)
THANKS TO ALL OF YOU: Names followed by number of entries.
Picperfic 1
Bex 1
Nina 1
Annie B 1
concetta Phillips 1
Jane 1
lily 1
pinkcutie 1
Jolicious 1
snow Queen 1
Gill 1
Jenny 1
Alpacha farmgirl 1
Greentrixie pixie 1
kristina Jackson 1
lynchem 1
tamdoll 1
insomniacstitches 1
Kim 1
Nic 1
shari tombs 1
Kitty ballistic 1
shadow 1
Julia Guthrie 2
Hennie 2
felt fusion 2
digital Misfits 2
urban crafts 2
Sally Pie 2
Talia 2
Amanda 3
tracy o 3
Aleximo 3
Monet 3
Jennyflower 4
Jen 4
Helen@the beadinglady 5
ikkinlala 5
tollykit 5
Wordlily 5
Knitwits 6
Sharmainiaknits 6
Deneen 7
Knit Cave 7
Madam salami 8



Sunday, 5 April 2009


Heres Mine (Zoe's) Yes later than expected sorry. Had a busy weekend, the hubbys birthday. Anyway I wanted to have definate colours and colour changes. I blended the greens and blues, then the lilac and pink. I then spun part of each giving random colour changes throughout the bobbin. I did the same with the second bobbin and plied them together. So in parts you get greens/pink greens/blues etc. My mystery fibre was....Angelina fibre. I wanted to add a bit add a bit of sparkle to represent the shimmering of the water. I added it to the pale blue. So the sparkle appears in random places throughout the skein. I didn't want to overdo it. So here it is AGAIN.

Its not had a wash yet but it looks like a DK.

Ok, wool is finally here. I'm putting mine up first (Stella) Hoefully Zoe will put hers up shortly. I have spun two variations of Monet as I couldn't make up my mind which way to go after I had blended it. The first is a blue/green - After blending, I held the two rovings together as I spun them to get a more painterly effect. The second is more of a blue with hints of green, the two rovings blended on the carder and then spun. I don't know which I prefer, but the lucky winner can choose the one they like the best. My mystery fibre? I decided that I wanted shots of brighter colours throughout the yarn and I wanted to give it a bit of sheen too. i chose to space dye a few mawata silk hankies with the pink and lavender I had used on the wool (the dyes attach differently to silk) and then chunk them up and lightly blend them in. This gives the flashes of colour I wanted plus adds a bit of texture to the yarn. My Monet is 14 wraps per inch (approx 4 ply weight) and should knit up on size 3mm - 3.5mm needles.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Misi Picks

Cute, a nice word what do you think is cute? Heres My Cute Misi Picks

WOW has this lady got some cute things. I found it hard to pick...But my daughter liked this one. Made by the very talented Zoe Woods

Cute designs can be found on MISI and folksy she makes the most adorable badges I love 'em. Add to the fact that you will deal with a lovely person. Shopping can't get any better.

Me I am just a child at heart and this card from Panic Tuesday just reminds me of cuddling up to my mum with my Rupert annual. Her things are FAB.

Lilylola sock monsters are just too cute. I have one myself and EVERYONE loves him great thing about them the quality is fab as is the price. This is Clifford. Lilylola is also on FOLKSY

This is just one talented Lady Her Bears are just too cute I could have everyone of them. Its Jean from Little scruffs Jean makes traditional style bears. But Heres a POlar bear.

looks like the polar bear has sold so Heres anothelittle scruff

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Its nearly finished GIVEAWAY

Ok so we are nearly at the end of the challenge, heres the story so far.
We will have the finished yarn on the blog on saturday!
Remeber to comment for your chance to win!

Zoe's after one carding.

A little look at the blended batts

One bobbin full

Stellas fleece..

This pic is after one carding.

Here it is blended together.

Stellas yarn is now already for the weekend, just waiting for me to finish. Mine will be ready for Saturday so watch this space.....

Just for added interest Me and Stella decided to add a mystery fibre of our choice. Neither of us know what the other person as added.