Saturday, 11 April 2009

And the winner is..............

Big thanks to everyone

The winner of Stella Yarn is MADAM SALAMI.
The winner of Zoe Yarn is JENNYFLOWER

(my little one didn't want his pic taken as he pulled the name out Jennyflower)

Thank you everyone. (winners can you please coontact us with your details)

We have some wool left and would like to offer it for £5.00 just to cover cost of materials. For our blog readers.

Zoe's can be found Here

Stella's can be found Here


Its first come first serve, and I am sure you'll appreciate it in no way reflects the time. BARGIN BARGIN BARGIN. It is just a HUGE THANK YOU

Oh yes and one more thing you up for another challenge?????????????????????????


Madam Salami said...

WOOOOO! I won. So pleased thank you both for a wonderful interactive blog.
You must do another one, most definitely!!
Stella I will contact you now wiht my address details.

Thanks again ladies. x x

Zoe said...

Well done Hun.....You need to send a pic though of what you make.


Hennie said...

OOh congrats Madame. Thanks Zoe and Stella for a great giveaway

knitwits said...

thank you for the comp, congrats to the winners! now, i'm coming to buy some if there is any left. i just neeeeed it lol

KnitCave said...

Congratulations Madam Salami and Jennyflower. Some gorgeous yarn coming your way.

So up for another challenge. Thanks.

Sharnemainia knits said...

oh what loverly yarn and sold out before i got there:(, i'm up for another challenge!!

jennyflower said...

I am so pleased, THANK YOU!!!! I now have to have a really good think about what I might make from it! Usually I am a complete hoarder and use precious things in tiny, tiny quantities but I think this might call for something more substantial!

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Congrats Madam ~ can't wait to see what you (or Stella/Zoe) do with it!

AMIdesigns said...

congrats to the winners!

Jen said...

Well done Tasha and Jennyflower