Thursday, 23 April 2009

Roland - is he a monster?

This is Roland, not quite finished yet - got interrupted by wool! Can anyone tell me why a 20 year old soldier is scared of him? I think he's quite sweet for a troll! Plus, just finished this flower bag. I'm getting into 3 ply wool at the moment and wanted to try it knitted and felted.


knitwits said...

awwww i love Roland!!! how could anybody be scared of him! I love the feel of 3ply knit up, especially as baby clothes, sooo soft! BUT its the thin needles that get me lol

stella said...

Yeah, I find it softer than a two ply. Speaking of small needles - I must be mad, jsut finished some socks for Madam Salami from her challenge win, then I decided that I would knit another pair in the rainbow yarn I have on Misi as I couldn't wait for someone to buy it to see what it would look like! Nt too bad so far, but then we are talking socks - anything bigger would make me cry!