Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas past

Well, thats it for another year and another year I still hadn't finished making gifts! Thats it this year I have decided to start early so I am. In fact I am writing a list of people I need to give gifts too TODAY. Then I will make them and tick the names off. You know there is nothing that takes enjoyment out of creating than when your under pressure. So who got handcrafted gifts this year, NO ONE! HAHAHA Thats how much I made this year. Well actually I did make things.

I had no excuse really with the new sites popping up. and of course I won the comp on there and expecting a little scruff handmade bear You gotta check out this ladies work the bears are lovely. You can find her on misi.

Stella did well at making things for presents. I loved my needle case, Kids loved their gifts. I better get off then just wanted to start posting again. Off I go to make a xmas present I only have 12 months left.


Sunday, 28 December 2008


Can't believe its been so long since i blogged, i will update later!