Thursday, 12 March 2009

Expected delivery

I meet a fantastic lady Lisa/ Poppyflowerfibres through Twitter she dyes and spins yarn (like me) she had some lovely fibre in great colourways. Now I am one for doing it myself, but I just could'nt resist these. LOOK AT THE Pretty Colours. So this is now coming all the way from the USA to live with me. (PHOTOS ARE LISAs') Lisa is on ESTY !

Heres the other one


KnitCave said...

Great choice, they are lovely. Yes, she does do great colours. Having to behave though as I have been buying sock yarn by the boot full.

Zoe said...

You knitting socks then by any chance? LOL I was meant to start some last week.....still waiting. She has some amazing colourways, I really am going to have to be very careful....I could go into more debt!

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Stunning colours!
How exciting for you!

picperfic said...

so pretty!I would strip the fibre into two or four, depending on how long you want the colour repeat for and then either navajo ply (my fave!) or two ply the singles together. Looking forward to seeing it as yarn!