Monday, 15 June 2009

Feeling Groovy

I just wanted to let you all know about Groovycart, if you sell your things online.
As you know we offer our Blog yarn (The extra) at a special price through Groovycart. This just covers our materials. This is because you can open a shop for free and pay no listing fees. So we can actually reduce it for you. There is no expire date for listings either it, a fab little hosting site.

Groovycart lets you have 30 items (90 if you list clever) and you can have a maximum price of £50. No commision for selling, only on your paypal fees.

Of course you can upgrade for a charge to a silver or gold account which you pay for and then you have a greater flexibilty over pricing and quanities, But as a crafter I have never made enough things.

Sales, yes I have had a few on there. Groovycart was the first place I ever sold. Its not MISI or ESTY or FOKSY. But its somewhere extra to display things.

Our blog specials are now listed in our Groovycart shop here
we list them here for a limited period only. At the blog price.

If you want to look into Groovycart some more look here

Bit of a boring post SORRY.

Winners of Giveaway will be announced on SATURDAY.
Good luck


Karen said...

I have to agree with you Zoe - GroovyCart is a fab site. I sell quite steadily from my shops there

Jill said...

I don't knit myself but this is a fab GroovyCart shop which may be of interest to Crafters who Knit and Sew and crochet. It's called Sew Retro and has some fantastic vintage patterns.