Sunday, 22 February 2009

Misi Goodies

Heres some bits I love on Misi

This is by Jen and is just lovely.
Jen not only beads but knits and crochets, she even has some beads for sale. This bracelet has been on my wish list since she listed it. I don't really wear jewellery but this is fab.

Look at this

By Arlia Not only does Arlia flower do jewellery but custom design clothes her dresses are just FAB and you really need to check her out. She uses a combination of textiles to create heavenly items.

Just 2 fab things from my list of goodies.


Nic said...

Lovely! I am lusting after lots of necklaces at the moment on Misi and Folksy. I might have to get a wish list together for my birthday.

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Those are divine. Good choices.

knitwits said...

fab choices! i have a loooong wish list on Misi at the minute lol

TeresaP said...

Great to find your blog and, yes, they are lovely Misi Goodies.

Zoe said...

thanks Teresa

Kitty said...

Hi there - I found your blog after you appeared on my page as 'brave enough to be identified as a reader' ... thanks for that!

You have a cool blog here, I've added you to my reader and look forward to reading your stuff.

Take care :-)